Minutes November 13, 2012

November 13, 2012

  1. Roll:  Present:  Melanie Agnew, chair; Scott Bradley; Todd Loushine; Penny Portman; Eileen Schroeder; Brooke Winchell and John Zbikowski.  Absent:  Dave Shono.

  2. Approval of Agenda:
    On a Schroeder/Portman motion, the agenda was approved.

  3. Approval of the minutes from October 9, 2012
    On a Portman/Zbikowski motion, the minutes from October 9 were accepted as written

  4. Curricular/Action Items:

    Repeatability Change,EDFNDPRC210, Introduction to Education and Teaching
    Pre-requisite Change, EDFNDPRC210, Introduction to Education and Teaching
    Pre-requisite Change, EDFOUND212, Educational Psychology
    Pre-requisite Change, EDFOUND222, Child Development
    Pre-requisite Change, EDFOUND243, Foundations of Education in a Pluralistic Society
    Pre-requisite Change, EDFOUND478, Adolescent Development

    On a Zbikowski/Schroeder motion, the above proposals were accepted as a package.After discussion, it was recommended that EDFNDPRC210 and EDFOUND243 be accepted with minor editorial changes.

    It was also requested by the committee to state in the minutes that although 478/678 is a double numbered course, this committee passed only EDFOUND478.

    Title Change, SPECED205, Psychology of the Exceptional Child
    Change in Degree, BSE, Special Education, Title change of course

    On a Portman/Bradley, the above proposal was accepted with minor editorial changes.

  5. Information Items:  The Business Education program is moving to the College of Education and Professional Studies in Fall 2013.  Discussion was held.

  6. New Business:  Katy Heyning will address the committee on curriculum proposals.
    Katy was unable to attend the meeting so Melanie again reiterated the importance of department curriculum committees and department chairs scrutinizing proposals before they are submitted

  7. Old Business:  None

On a Portman/Loushine motion, the meeting adjourned at 9:00 a.m.