April 15, 2014




TO:                        College of Education and Professional Studies Graduate Programs Council

 FROM:                 Ellie Dickmann, Associate Dean

 RE:                        Agenda Items for the Graduate Programs Council Meeting April 15, 2014

 DATE:                 April 8, 2014


1.      Roll:


2.      Approval of Agenda:


3.      Approval of the minutes:


4.      Curricular/Action Items:


Occupational, Environmental Safety & Health-

Course Deletion – Safety 752 Safety Communications


Counselor Education-

Change in Submajor – HE Addition of One-Credit Courses

Change in Submajor – School Addition of One-Credit Courses


Health, Physical Education Recreation & Coaching-

Change in Major - Master of Science in Education - Professional Development

New Course – Coaching 779 Career and Professional Development Strategies

New Course – Coaching 781 Capstone Portfolio and Career Application


Curriculum and Instruction-

MSE-PD HELEAD 781 - New Course - Capstone Portfolio and Career Application(cross-listed)

MSE - Change in Major - Higher Education Leadership   


5.      Information Items:


6.      Discussion Items:


7.      New Business:


Focus/Goals for Year


8.      Old Business: