Minutes of September 18, 2012


Present:  Ellie Dickmann, Chair; Andrew Kapp for Sang Choi; Kelly Witte; Jeff Cook; Shannon Stuart; Scott Bradley; Scott Peters; John Zbikowski.

Welcome and introductions.  Members went around the table and introduced themselves.

A vote was taken and it was the consensus of the committee to keep the meeting time at 8:00 a.m.

Ellie asked the members of the committee to recruit a graduate student to be the student representative on this committee.

A discussion was held regarding the staggered terms of members on this committee.  It was suggested that each year prior to the fall semester we ask each department if there will be a change in representation.

The purpose of this committee is to approve graduate curriculum and to address changes and policies that come forth to our college.  The only other college that has a graduate curriculum council is the COBE which oversees the MBA on-line curriculum.  Ellie will bring to this committee the challenges that we are facing such as recruitment of new graduate students.  Kelly Witte suggested that members of this committee bring and share current trends in each of their respective areas.

Ellie will ask each member of this committee to send her a brief description of the current graduate programs in their department.  She will compile this information and send to each committee member.

Process and Flow/Calendar.  This committee will use Robert's Rules of Order.  Andrew Kapp suggested this committee have a mission statement.

There is currently a flow chart for the university that shows the flow of curricular actions.  Ellie will modify that chart to show where the COEPS Graduate Council fits.  (Note:  this will only be for use by the COEPS).

Ellie informed the committee that we are currently working on a School/Community Safety Certificate which will be dual listed (undergraduate/graduate).

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 a.m.