Charge of COEPS Technology Committee

This group is advisory to the Dean and is charged with examining the information and technology knowledge and skills needed by its future teachers and professionals as they enter the world of work, prepared to be leaders in the 21st century.  They will act as a multi-faceted communication channel concerning information and technology in the College:

  • Faculty with each other across departments
  • Faculty with COEPS administration
  • Department technology committees with each other
  • Department technology committees with COEPS administration
  • Faculty with Global Education Campus

This Group Will:

  • examine changes in learning and teaching supported by the technologies of today and tomorrow through research and connections with professionals in the field
  • determine information and technology skills needed by graduates of COEPS to be successful professionals
  • share the strategies supported by technology with faculty to inform their own teaching as well as skills needed by their students
  • gather information from faculty on their current and desired uses of technology to support learning in the college classroom, in K-12 education, and the workplace
  • assess what faculty and their students need to move forward in these uses
  • make connections with other resources on campus that can support faculty work in this area
  • work with COEPS administration to prioritize student and faculty needs and provide necessary support

Group Composition

  • Global Education Campus
  • Technology Coordinator
  • ILSEM Instructor
  • One representative from each department
  • Associate Dean (Co-Chair)