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BS - Human Performance

The Human Performance major at UW-Whitewater provides students preparation for rewarding careers in fields based on kinesiology and performance sciences. Graduates will be equipped to pursue opportunities in exercise science, cardiac rehabilitation, exercise physiology, fitness/strength training, health coaching, and graduate studies in exercise science, athletic training and administration, and physical therapy. The 120 credit B.S. in Human Performance will require 47 credits in the major which includes a 6-credit internship and 3-credit capstone requirement.

Credits in the major include 6-credits of internship(s) and a 3-credit capstone research requirement. Other degree requirements include 45-credits of general education program coursework and the Bachelor of Science degree requirements in the College of Education and Professional Studies (6 credits). Students will also complete a minor which is typically comprised of 22 credits. The Department of Kinesiology offers minors in health promotion, recreation, strength and conditioning, sport management, and athletic coaching education. Students may also choose a minor outside the department to broaden their professional qualifications.

Any undergraduate student who is admitted to the UW-Whitewater campus can enroll in this program. Both academic factors and non-academic factors are considered in the admission review. Additional information regarding admission requirements may be found at

Major 4-Year Plan


General Education Requirements (45 credits)

  Communication and Calculation Skills

  Quantitative and Technical Reasoning

  Cultural Heritages


  Personal Health and Fitness

  Breadth Electives


12-13 credits

7-11 credits

6 credits

6 credits

1 credit

8-12 credits

B.S. Degree Requirements (6 credits)

Any combination of courses in one or more of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, or Social Sciences.

6 credits

Program Requirements (47 credits)

PEPROF 209 Investigating Community Professions in Human Performance

MATH 230 Introduction to Statistical Reasoning and Analysis

PEPROF 201 Structure and Function of the Human Body I

PEPROF 202 Structure and Function of the Human Body II

PEPROF 270 Motor Control and Performance

PEPROF 282 Nutrition for Health 

PEPROF 302 Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise

PEPROF 311 Exercise Psychology

PEPROF 361 Physical Activity and Recreation for Special Populations

PEPROF 391 Health Behavior Development & Society

PEPROF 415 Health Appraisal and Exercise Testing

PEPROF 416 Exercise Prescription and Fuel Utilization

PEPROF 471 Physiology of Exercise

PEPROF 493 Human Performance Internship

PEPROF 481 Capstone: Research in the Performance Sciences


1 credit

3 credits

4 credits

3 credits

3 credits

3 credits

3 credits

3 credits

3 credits

3 credits

3 credits

3 credits

3 credits

6 credits

3 credits

Minor (22 credits)

22 credits

Total Credits

120 credits

PEPROF 493: Health, Human Performance and Recreation Internship

The Internship is a culminating learning experience for students in Human Performance students. This experience allows students the opportunity to practice the application of theory and apply the knowledge acquired through academic preparation, while learning skills of an entry level practitioner. Experience at an Internship site offering Human Performance services not only draws on major and minor course offerings, but makes possible the development of professional skills. The Internship is an in-depth supervised work and study experience, preferably at the supervisor or mid-management level, where the student has a degree of responsibility for planning, directing and supervising the work of others.

Prerequisites for PEPROF 493: Health, Human Performance and Recreation Internship is PEPROF 209: Investigating Community Professions in Physical Education; within nine units of completing the major and minor; application materials filed by the due date in the semester prior to placement; and consent of the Program Director. For clinical placements (i.e., cardiac rehabilitation) and university placements (i.e., strength and conditioning, recreation sports) a grade point average of at least 3.0 is required.

Internship proposals complete with resume, learning objectives, requested background check, and a signed site agreement form are due on March 31st for Summer Session; April 15th for Fall Session; and November 15th for Spring Session. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the internship coordinator (Dr. Ednie) ahead of the deadline to discuss their proposals. The course description, syllabus and site agreement form may be accessed by clicking on the links below.

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Dr. Andrea Ednie, PhD
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Bridgette Hermanson, CPRP
Lecturer, Kinesiology

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