Q: When are classes scheduled?
A: MSE-PD classes are arranged so that full-time teachers can fit them into their schedule. Most classes are offered in the evenings or in the summer. Evening classes typically meet once per week for two and a half hours, on a specified day of the week. Most summer classes meet daily for three weeks or every other day for six weeks. Some special classes are scheduled on weekends, usually once per month.

Q: Are there online courses?
A: Yes. At least one section of each MSE-PD core course will be offered online each year. Online sections of many other courses are available, and the number of online offerings is growing. Some emphases, such as Alternative Education, can be completed entirely online.

Q: At what time of year does the program start?
A: Core courses of the MSE-PD are scheduled so that students can start the program in the fall, the spring, or the summer.

Q: How long will it take to complete the program?
A: Program completion time is flexible. By enrolling in two three-credit classes each semester and two in the summer, students can earn the master’s degree in two academic years.

Q: When I complete the MSE-PD, will I have an additional teaching license or certificate?
A: Adding a license is an option in the program. A variety of licenses is available, and students seeking licensure should consult with the licensure coordinator for their chosen field prior to selecting an MSE-PD emphasis. Certain licenses require course work and/or field experiences beyond the requirements for the master’s degree.

Q: I don’t want to obtain an additional license at this time. Is the MSE-PD for me?
A: The Curriculum and Instruction emphasis of the MSE-PD allows students to develop individualized programs of study from a mix of general-interest and specialty course work.

Q: Do I have the same facilitators for all my classes, or will there be different instructors?
A: Each student is assigned an individual advisor with an advanced degree and a specialty in the student’s area of interest who works with the student throughout the program and supports the development of the capstone project. Students also enroll in individual courses with different faculty members with expertise in the specific subject.

Q: Can I transfer in graduate credits from other institutions?
A: Yes. With prior approval of the program coordinator, up to nine credits of relevant course work from accredited institutions may be counted in the MSE-PD.

Q: If another institution offers a class at my school after I've started the MSE-PD, can I still enroll and transfer in the credit?
A: Yes, so long as you obtain approval from the program coordinator before enrolling and so long as you do not exceed nine transfer credits in your program.

Q: Will any classes be scheduled in my own school or district?
A: If enough people at a school are interested in a particular program or class, UW-Whitewater will schedule a class or a full program at that location.

Q: Will I be taking classes with the same people all the way through the program?
A: Usually each core class will have a different mix of students. However, by prior arrangement, a group of at least 15 students at a given location can have a program designed just for them.

Q: I coach volleyball. Will I be able to complete the program without taking classes in the spring semester?
A: The MSE-PD offers the flexibility to skip semesters, to complete the program in summers only, or to complete the program using regular-semester courses only. The amount of flexibility may vary by emphasis, however, with a few specialties or licensure areas offering required courses only at specific times of the year.