Cooperating Teacher

The cooperating teacher is a vital part of  the experiential learning that our teacher candidates receive during their many field experiences.  Cooperating teachers serve as mentors and guides to help the profession grow to serve the needs of all learners. The College of Education and Professional studies values and recognizes the countless hours that cooperating teachers give to support our teacher candidates in all the different licensure areas.


These resources are organized to provide support for our current cooperating teachers. If you are interested in hosting a teacher candidate, the first step would be to let your building administrator know of your interest. Requets for cooperating teachers start with communication from the Office of Field Experiences to the building administrator.



Field Experiences Handbook

Special Education Directed Teaching Handbook (Student Teaching)

Early Childhood Handbook

General Forms

Check list of Documents-Submitted to OFE

Coordinator Contact Information 2018-2019

Cooperating Teacher Grant Flyer

Cooperating Teacher Grant Application

Sample Letter of Reference by Cooperating Teacher

Evaluation Forms Cooperating Teachers use;

For all teacher candidates - Initial Programs Dispositions Inventory (IPDI)

For teacher candidates in the Early Childhood Program

For teacher candidates in Elementary, Middle School, High School, Business Education, and Art

For teacher candidates in the Physical Education Program

For teacher candidates in the Special Education Program


edTPA Forms

edTPA Guidence for PK-12 Administrators and CTs

edTPA Video Parent Consent Template

edTPA Video Recording Affirmation

FAQs about Student Teaching and the edTPA for Cooperating Teachers

Teachers Who Support Teacher Candidates with the edTPA