Professional Development Graduate Certification Program

Graduate Certificate Program

P1-34 invites an opportunity for stewardship of professional growth for educators at all levels of experiences. The PDP Certificate Program seeks to create engagement in the PDP process that strengthens talents and resources of all individuals within their professional communities.

This 9-credit, two-semester, graduate certificate program is designed for experienced teachers, administrators, and pupil services personnel. Upon completion of the program, graduates are prepared to serve as mentors and qualified to serve as Initial Educator PDP Review Team members and Higher Education Representatives. The PDP certificate courses are offered on-campus or as site-based certificate programs. These programs can be tailored to fit district/consortium needs by incorporating field-based experiences on the school/district site. Site-based training includes the two courses delivered in your locality with special consideration to the learning needs of professionals in your district/consortium.

The following program courses are also accessible to professionals (e.g., teachers, administrators, and pupil services personnel) not enrolled in the PDP Certificate Program, who are seeking training to support district programs in mentoring or professional development for initial educators required by PI-34.

The program:

  • Targets experienced professionals seeking a graduate degree to fulfill requirements for the Master Educator License.
  • Provides performance-based courses designed for teachers, administrators, and pupil service personnel.
  • Provides either courses on campus at UW-Whitewater or on-site certificate programs for districts and educational agencies.
  • Prepares experienced educators to serve as PDP mentors, coaches and team members.
  • Provides program courses that blend 50% class instruction with 50% field-based application activities and web-based learning communities.
  • Applies to selected Master of Science Degree Programs and Post Masters Programs at UW-Whitewater.


EDUINDP 710 "Mentoring the Intitial Educator: A Performanced-Based Approach" 3 credits (Graduate or undergraduate) Hybrid course

       -Focusing on research for effective schools and guiding principles of Wisconsin's new educator licensure ruling.

       -Sharing a vision of educator quality based on the Wisconsin Teacher Standards

       -Developing a collaborative environment in which to learn and practice

       - Demonstrating the results of reflective practice by creating professional goals and plans.

       - Focuasing goals on increasing student learning success



EDUINDP 711 "Professional Development Planning Process" 3 credits (Graduate or undergraduate) Hybrid course

       - Guide and coach the intitial educator through the process of reflection, gathering and analyzing current data

        -Write, implement, and document completion of a professional development plan

        -Instill a commitment to professional learning and growth