Phase 4 Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What do you mean by posting of grades and/or degree?

    Before you can graduate, the grades for the current semester must be entered on the database. After grades are entered, your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) is checked one more time to make sure that all requirements have been met. If so, then the Registrar's Office will place your degree on your official records. The degree is required of students seeking their first bachelor's degree to be eligible for both a diploma and a teaching license.

    If you already hold a bachelor's degree and are not seeking a 2nd bachelor's degree, then you will not be waiting for the degree to be posted - only the grades need posting. You will not be receiving a diploma in this case, but the grades may be required for a teaching license.

  2. How long does it take to post my degree?

    Grades are posted to your record within days after the semester has ended. However, depending on if your AAR is "clear" (no bolding), the degree could be posted within a week of the grades being posted.

  3. I already hold a degree. Do I have to wait to apply for my Wisconsin license until grades and/or degrees to be posted?

    If you chose to pursue a 2nd bachelor's degree, then we will wait for the degree to be posted.  If you are just seeking licensure - not a degree - then we do not wait for a degree; however, we must wait for the grades to be posted. It is highly likely that the courses you are taking during the current semester are required in your licensure program. For this reason we must wait for grades.

  4. My advisor said they would take care of my deficiencies, but they are still on my record. What do I do?

    Make an appointment with your advisor immediately. Advisors make every attempt to make sure the appropriate paperwork is submitted. Make an applintment to meet face-to-face to have the paperwork filled out. Always ask for a copy of the appropriate paperwork and ask your advisor who he/she will be submitting the paperwork to for further processing. Once the paperwork is submitted to the appropriate office, allow a minimum of one week before it's on your record. If you still don't see it on your AAR after one week, then contact the office to whom the paperwork was submitted. They can give you a status check as to when the paperwork may be done.

  5. How do I know if I still have deficiencies on my record?

    Watch the READING YOUR AR video on this site. The video will go over many different stages of your AAR and what areas to check.

  6. My advisor said I was ready to graduate but my AAR is still bolded. Why?

    Your advisor may be using a checklist to assist you in your advising. However, UWW uses an AAR to determine requirements. If the checklist is not updated along with the many changes that happen to programs, then your AAR may not be cleared – but you have completed all the requirements. When this happens, your advisor may need to submit course directive or waiver forms.

    Please be aware that if you have deficiencies in your University Requirements, your advisor can guide you, but is unable to make corrections for you. University Requirements are the authority of the Associate Dean’s Office in the College of Letters & Sciences.

  7. Am I notified of my deficiencies?

    Yes, but many times it’s not in time for you to pick up additional coursework to meet the deficiency. This is why it is extremely important that you monitor your AAR consistently. Mid-semester, the College of Education and Professional Studies evaluates AARs for potential graduates. We try to evaluate earlier, but it’s not always possible.

    So, monitor your own AAR consistently. If you plan on graduating in May, then all your bolding should be gone after your fall registration for spring classes. For students who are graduating in May, your AAR should be cleared by November at the latest. December graduates should be cleared for graduation by April or May, unless they are taking summer school courses. Don’t wait until you are student teaching since it’s difficult to get back to campus when staff is available.

  8. Am I notified if my graduation is cleared?

    Yes. Once your AAR has been evaluated and cleared for graduation, the Registrar’s Office will send you a clearance notice. The College of Education and Professional Studies does not send clearance notices, only the email deficiency notice.