Center for Students with Disabilities

Transportation Services Dispatcher

Transportation Dispatchers function as the communications link between departmental vehicles, the office, drivers, and riders. They are required to communicate effectively through e-mail, voice mail, TDD/TRS, two-way radio, telephone, and other office equipment. Dispatchers organize, schedule, and manage the vehicle schedules and driver run sheets. They are responsible for problem-solving with riders and reinforcing Transportation Services policies.

Transportation Service Dispatchers are responsible for:

  1. Carrying out duties as assigned by the Transportation Coordinator
  2. Appropriate handling of confidential information
  3. Learning all on and off-campus pick-up points in order to schedule rides in an efficient sequence
  4. Being able to work without close supervision
  5. Communicating professionally with riders, staff, and community members
  6. Being available to work some weekends, evenings, and emergency coverage

If you are interested in applying for a position as a Transportation Services Dispatcher, print and complete an application for employment and return it to the Center for Students with Disabilities, 1006 Roseman Building.