Center for Students with Disabilities

Note Taker

Supervisor: Office Associate

A common accommodation for many students with disabilities is to have class notes provided. Student volunteers are utilized to provide notes for CSD students. The volunteer note taker brings their notes to Center for Students with Disabilities and makes copies. Clerical staff will assist with filing notes in an accessible file. This allows the student with a disability to retrieve them, thereby maintaining anonymity if preferred.

Note taker responsibilities:

  1. Attend all scheduled classes and be punctual, except in cases of illness and emergencies.
  2. Note takers should convey the information accurately, giving the content and the spirit of the speaker, to the best of their ability.
  3. Any notes produced by the note taker are the property of the student and cannot be photocopied for other students without their consent.
  4. At the end of class (or shortly after) head to CSD to copy the notes and place them in the students hanging file near the copier.
  5. Should any difficulties arise while working in an educational situation it is the responsibility of the student to inform the faculty member and/or CSD.
  6. Note takers should not take notes in the absence of students, unless they are asked to do so by CSD.
  7. Keep track of all the hours logged while taking notes (and making copies) to obtain credit for volunteering hours.
  8. Inform the student when you cannot be in class if you have exchanged contact information, at least 24 hours in advance when absences are predictable. If the student has chosen to remain anonymous please contact your faculty member or supervisor.
  9. Pre-arrange for a substitute note taker for days when you will be absent. We recommend finding someone in the class since he or she will be familiar with the subject matter and available without notice. Make sure that you discuss arrangements for substitute notes with the student for whom you're taking notes.
  10. Keep note taking assignment confidential.
  11. Note takers shall keep advice of their personal opinion in class situations out of the notes.
  12. Get feedback on the notes from the student and the instructor.
  13. Give the Center for Students with Disabilities staff at least two weeks' notice if you plan to quit.

Note taker connection

Some students utilizing CSD services chose to remain anonymous, otherwise however, are eager to connect directly with their note taker. Please follow their lead - if you are comfortable in exchanging phone numbers and other pertinent information, please take that opportunity.