Center for Students with Disabilities


Supervisor: Office Associate

Scribes are provided through the Center for Students with Disabilities as an accommodation for students with a verified disability. These individuals are able to transcribe what is spoken into written format. Scribes are used for two main ways of test taking:

  • Scantron sheets
  • Writing essays

Scribing process

  1. Identify what type of scribing you will be performing (e.g. filing in a scantron, writing an essay, a mixture of both (confirm this with the student)).
  2. You may or may not be writing the exam. Talk with the student to find out how this will be handled.
    • You may be writing directly on the exam.
    • You may be filling in the scantron.
  3. Blue book essays - it may be easier to use a keyboard instead of writing the exam to keep up with the student's rate of speech.
  4. Student will dictate sentences or paragraphs in the manner most comfortable to them.
  5. The student is responsible for telling the scribe how to punctuate.
  6. The scribe should have the student read the essay so that the student can add, change and delete punctuation.
  7. If you are scribing for a student who uses an electronic voice it is good to give the student the chance to look over their answers at the end. Able bodied students always have the opportunity, and it also insures that the scribe heard what the student wanted and wrote it correctly.


  1. Depending on the requirements of the assignment or test - the scribe can hand write the information or key it into a computer.
    • Have good hand writing and key stroke methods.
  2. If the student is deaf, the scribe must be fluent in receptive and expressive American Sign Language (ASL) and/or English.
  3. Scribes must follow all test proctoring guides if scribing during an exam.
  4. Must maintain student's confidentiality.