Center for Students with Disabilities

Test Proctor

Supervisor: Office Associate

Test proctor responsibilities:

As a proctor you must do your part to help ensure that test scores of the students in the room where you serve as proctor are the result of an ethical and fair test administration.

  1. Maintain the integrity of the test environment at all times.
    • Before the student is given the exam, the proctor requests the student to leave books etc. on the book bag shelf.
    • The proctor requests all cell phones, iPods, and other noise making devices to be turned off and placed on the shelf near their book bag.
    • The proctor is required to monitor the student throughout the exam.
    • If the proctor sees or senses any problem or irregularity in the testing session, he/she is required to contact his/her immediate supervisor.
  2. Help ensure that the testing accommodations in the room are appropriate for testing (e.g. heating, lighting, seating) and order is maintained during the test administration.
  3. Make sure all materials are properly distributed.
  4. Check on the student periodically.
  5. Monitor students to ensure they are following directions, performing the required tasks and not sharing answers.
  6. Review any and all information regarding the student's accommodation prior to testing. Information that may be helpful:
    • Remain in the room for the duration of the test.
    • Maintain student confidentiality.