Executive Committee

The Executive Committee sets the agenda for each meeting of the Faculty Senate, and is composed of one Senator from each constituency, two members elected at-large, plus the Senate Secretary and Chairperson.

Current Members (2017-2018)

Brady, Kathy Assoc A & C Communication Secretary
Burkholder, Jo Assoc L & S Womens Studies L & S
Hartwick, James Prof COEPS C & I At-large
Ivry, Jonathan Assoc L & S Languages & Literatures Chair
Kopf, Dennis Assoc B & E Marketing B & E
McGuigan, John Prof L & S Languages & Literatures
Niemeier, Brandi Assoc COEPS HPERC COEPS
Simmons, David Assoc L & S Philosophy & Religious Studies    Chair


Last revised on October 3, 2017

Questions? Comments?

For comments or questions please e-mail facsenate@uww.edu.

Faculty Senate Chair

David Simmons
(262) 472-1232