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Jon Enslin

Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
UW-Whitewater Foundation President

Jon Enslin

Jon Enslin likes to watch alumni interacting with students on campus at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

"You can tell, they feel like they're talking to somebody who is very similar to how they were at that age," he said.

That feeling translates into donors looking for ways to help students. Enslin is proud to talk to them about UW-Whitewater's missions and its focus on undergraduate education.

"It's fun to try to work for a cause that you believe in, like higher education, and try to get people excited about donating to that cause," he said.

Enslin remembers a generous gift from an anonymous donor who funded scholarships for non-traditional students who wanted to be teachers.

"He was inspired by a college friend who came back to become a teacher. He wanted to provide that opportunity for others," Enslin said.

He's the father of three sons, the oldest a college student on another campus.

"I'm very grateful for some of the experiences he is receiving through the generosity of donors," Enslin said. "I think it makes me understand more fully how important this is to students and their families."

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