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Kate Loftus

Senior Director of Development

Kate LoftusKate Loftus has always chosen jobs that help people.

From volunteering as a teenager for a crisis center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she moved on to working with runaway youth and training volunteers for a domestic abuse shelter. She came to realize, though, that education was the key to improving people's lives in the long run.

"Education does a lot to change people's circumstances permanently. If opportunity is the door, education is the key," Loftus said.

She studied communication theory at Beloit College and loves analyzing everything about how people send and receive messages. She focuses those skills on sharing the message of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

"What we do here at UW-Whitewater is transformational," Loftus said. "I want the students at UW-Whitewater to have the best education available. Period."

She's touched by the friendliness of alumni who welcome her into their homes many decades after they left campus.

"Some like the idea of endowing a fund that will be their way of carrying on and helping others long after they're gone, which I think is very noble," Loftus said.

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