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Joette Mather

Scholarship Coordinator

Every day, Joette Mather sees how UW-Whitewater's supporters help open the campus to students.

Mather is UW-Whitewater's scholarship coordinator, a job that involves tracking donations and ensuring the funds are awarded. She works with every scholarship and sees the tremendous difference that donors make.

"It's amazing to see all the ways that the donors can help out," she said. "They are wonderful, and they help so many students."

Mather said some UW-Whitewater students could not afford to pursue their education without scholarship assistance.

"For many, it would be very hard," she said.

Mather is married and has two adult children. She lives in Burlington and enjoys spending time outside with her family.

Mather said she loves her work on campus.

"I really enjoy that we can help students the way that we do with the scholarship program," she said. "It means a lot."

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