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UW-Whitewater is committed to serving students with potential, providing financial incentives for the highest achievers, and challenging talented students to reach greater heights.  We also want our students to be active in their field of study outside of the classroom and gain an appreciation for other countries and cultures. Endowed scholarships are an important part in making this happen.

Anonymous donors recently created the "Promise Endowment," fund that gives an annual award to students who need financial assistance, with a preference to first-generation college students.  In this way, our donors help students of promise by letting them know someone believes in them and in their future, said Kate Loftus, executive director of university development at UW-Whitewater.

"It sounds corny, but to me that's how you change the world, when you change a life," she said. "You've not only changed that person, you've changed all the generations to follow."

With alumni support, the university looks forward to providing Promise Endowment awards to an increasing number of students as the fund grows.

To give to the Promise Endowment, contactEmily Gruenewald, executive director of alumni relations and  development, at 262-472-3182 or E-mail.

Jasmine Crafton

Opens Path to the Future

Jasmine Crafton

Jasmine Crafton has made a promise to herself. After earning her bachelor's degree in biology at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, she'll enter one of the 12 medical schools on her list, become a dermatologist and help people in poor communities. Her promise is part of her 10-year plan, and no one doubts her determination.

"You've got to be prepared. Medical school is my plan. I have a backup plan, but I really want to get into medical school," Crafton said. She knows precisely what grades and test scores she needs.

Crafton's pledge to herself is bolstered by the Promise Endowment at UW-Whitewater, a fund that gives an annual award to a College of Letters and Sciences student from an urban area who needs financial help.

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