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Graduate Council - Archives December 2005 Agenda

Graduate Council Members:

The Graduate Council is scheduled to convene next Thursday, 8 December, at 2:15pm. We have received no "items" that require official action on the part of the Council. We do have three "Information Only" items, two of which are course requisite changes that need approval for the summer timetable.

Since "Information Only Items" have never, in my history with the Council, ever proven problematic, controversial, or even prompted discussion, I'm having trouble justifying calling the Council together the week before finals for what would likely be a very brief, pro forma activity. As such, I'm listing the three courses with requisite changes below, complete with links. Please peruse.

  • ACCT 656 Cost Management II
  • EARLYCHD 340/540 Nutrition and Health: Early Childhood
  • EARLYCHD 462/662 Programs and Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers

If you have problems, objections, or questions about any of these requisite changes, please REPLY to this email. We'll then convene the Council.

Thank you. And best of luck wrapping up your semester.

John Stone

Associate Dean

School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education