Current Graduate Council

Graduate Council - December 2006 Minutes


December 7, 2006
PRESENT: John Chenoweth, Will Drago, David Gordon, Glenn Hayes, Jeffery Heinrich, Seung-joon Lee, Stephanie Miller, Andrea Musher, Manuel Ossers, Carol Scovotti, Alvaro Taveira, Tony Truog, Linda Yu, Susan Wildermuth, and John Zbikowski.
ABSENT: Paul Adogamhe, *Marshall Anderson, Leon Arriola, Bob Benjamin, Scott Bradley, Kristina Brice, Kelli Danielski,  Robert Gruber, Rex Hanger, Laura Hart, Hephzibah Kumpaty, Crista Lebens, Pete Mesner, Anene Okocha, Benjamin Peterson, Tim Reutebuch, *Tracey Scherr,  William Skelly, and Diane Soles.

*Previously notified.

John Stone called to order the December 7, 2006, meeting of the Graduate Council at 2:19 p.m.

The minutes of the November 2, 2006 meeting were unanimously approved on a motion by Manuel Ossers, with a second by Tony Truog.


  1. A summary of the December 1 Graduate Student FTE was distributed. Overall, graduate enrollment is down about 50 FTE compared to this time last year. It’s still early, so no need to panic.

Information Only Items

Tony Truog moved to approve A-C of the Information Only items on the agenda. Manuel Ossers seconded the motion. The motion carried. These items included:

  1. Curricular Action: Requisite Change from the Department of Information Technology/Business Education: ITBE 762 Curriculum Issues and Design for Business and Marketing Education
  2. Curricular Action: Requisite Change from the Department of Management: MANGEMNT 719 Operations Management
  3. Curricular Action: Title and Description Change from the Department of Management: MANGEMNT 762 FROM: Integrated Resources and Project Management TO: Project Management and Enterprise Resource Planning


Carol Scovotti then moved, with a second by Will Drago, to approve items A and B of the New Business agenda items. Carol indicated that the creation of these two new courses is the first step for what will become a subplan in the MBA program. With no further discussion, the motion carried. The two new courses are:

  1. Curricular Action: New Course from the Department of Marketing: MARKETNG 767 Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  2. Curricular Action: New Course from the Department of Management: MANGEMNT 766 Entrepreneurship – Venture Initiation

Next, Tony Truog moved for approval of business item C on the agenda. John Zbikowski seconded the motion. The changes for this course are necessary as the College of Education revamps their MS-Curriculum and Instruction degree program. The changes reflect a shift from an emphasis on the research design of a proposal, to placing more emphasis on how to read and interpret educational research. This course will be taken early on in the new degree program. John Chenoweth indicated that there is no alternative course yet for students seeking WTCS certification. Tony indicated that they could still enroll in the Measurement and Evaluation course. With no further discussion, Item C was approved.

  1. Curricular Action: Course Revision, Description and Title Change from the Department of Educational Foundations: EDFOUND 780 FROM: Techniques of Assessment and Research TO: Reading, Analyzing, and Evaluating Educational Research.

The final item on the agenda, a change in the MBA General Management submajor, was approved on a Will Drago/Carol Scovotti motion. Item D included:

  1. Curricular Action: Change in Submajor: MBA General Management Emphasis

Manuel Ossers moved to adjourn the meeting at 2:37 p.m. Glenn Hayes seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Lange