Current Graduate Council

Graduate Council - February 2015 Transmittal


TO:                  Beverly Kopper

                        Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

FROM:           John Stone

                        Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education

DATE:            February 6, 2015

RE:                 Transmittal for Graduate Curriculum

At its meeting on February 5, 2015, the Graduate Council approved the following curriculum proposals.  The official signed copy of the proposals and signature pages are attached. 

I.              Business Items

A.   Curricular Action:  Grade Basis Change from the Department of Counselor Education:  COUNSED 793  Supervised Practicum  FROM:  Conventional Grade  TO:  S/NC

B.   Curricular Action:  New Course from the Department of Social Work:  SOCWORK 575:  Social Work Case Management

II.             Administrative Action

A.   Change department name to Geography, Geology and Environmental Science


c:         Robin Fox

            Frank Goza

            Pat Waege