Current Graduate Council

Graduate Council - January 2008 Minutes


January 31, 2008
PRESENT: John Chenoweth, Will Drago, Abby Fritz, Robert Gruber, Rex Hanger, Denton Marks, Pete Mesner, Thomas Mettille, Stephanie Miller, Manuel Ossers, Paul Rybski, Tracey Scherr, Carol Scovotti, William Skelly, Shannon Stuart, Jim Winship, Linda Yu, and John Zbikowski.
ABSENT: Paul Adogamhe, *Marshall Anderson, Leon Arriola, Sana Bauman, *Scott Bradley, *Carla Corroto, *Glenn Hayes, Jeffery Heinrich, Hephzibah Kumpaty, Crista Lebens, Seung-joon Lee, Andrea Musher, *Jennifer Oehler Anene Okocha, Alvaro Taveira, *Tony Truog, and Susan Wildermuth.
GUESTS: Carol Elsen, Don Zahn

*Previously notified.

After admiring our new meeting room and some tense moments dealing with some technological shortcomings, John Stone called the January 31st meeting to order at 2:20 p.m.


The meeting minutes of November 1, 2007 meeting were unanimously approved on a motion by Paul Rybski, with a second by Rex Hanger.


  1. A summary of the spring 2008 graduate enrollment comparisons was attached to the agenda. Though we’ve not reached an enrollment target set by one of the previous Chancellors, the current Chancellor is satisfied with our graduate enrollment.
  2. The Chancellor's search is underway with March 15th being the application deadline for first consideration. The university is using the same search consulting firm to build the pool of applicants as was used in the previous chancellor’s search.
  3. In an effort to increase graduate enrollment, UW System is considering hosting interdisciplinary master’s degree programs through distance education and outreach. Planning is currently in the preliminary stages.


Manuel Ossers moved to approve Information Only items A and B on the agenda. Paul Rybski seconded the motion. With no questions or concerns, the motion carried. Items included:

  1. Curricular Action: Course Deletion from the Department of Sociology: SOCIOLGY 655 Sociology of the Family
  2. Curricular Action: Unit Change from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction: SECNDED 707 Formal and Informal Learning Environments


Discussion of the New Business items followed. Paul Rybski moved for approval of a new course from Biological Sciences/Geography/Geology. Rex Hanger explained the rationale for the course, stating that it replaces the previous 691 course and that only the Biological Sciences portion of the course will be offered at the graduate level. With no further discussion, the motion carried.

  1. Curricular Action: New Course from the Department of Biology/Geography/Geology: BIOLOGY 651

Pete Mesner moved to approve the new course from the Psychology Department. Paul Rybski seconded the motion. Tracey Scherr explained that this course had previously been taught as a workshop and now the department is changing it to a regular course. The motion carried.

  1. Curricular Action: New Course from the Department of Psychology: PSYCH 762 Academic Interventions

Next, John Zbikowski moved to approve the change in the PDP certificate program. Pete Mesner seconded the motion. John Zbikowski went on to explain the rationale for the change in the program. With no further discussion, the motion carried.

  1. Curricular Action: Change in Submajor: Professional Development Plan Certificate

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m. on a Manuel Ossers/Shannon Stuart motion. The next meeting will be held on March 6th, 2008, in UC 275A (the ballroom on second floor).

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Lange