Current Graduate Council

Graduate Council - March 2011 Minutes


March 10, 2011
PRESENT: Chris Calvert-Minor, Pavan Chennamaneni, John Chenoweth, Will Drago, Rashiqa Kamal, Michaela Mack, Christine Neddenriep, Carol Normand, Anene Okocha, Michael Oldani, Manuel Ossers, Mark Schroeder, Shannon Stuart, Alvaro Taveira, S-A Welch, Michael Wessely, Kelly Witte, and John Zbikowski.
ABSENT: Paul Adogamhe, *Marshall Anderson, Patrick Bornbach, *Scott Bradley, Glenn Hayes, Thomas Jeffery, *Pete Mesner, Denton Marks, Margaret Phillips, Tim Reutebuch, Steven Sahyun, Zhengnan, Shi, Rebecca Shrum, *Ashley Smith, Lauren Smith, and Max White.
GUESTS: Carol Elsen and Don Zahn

These two lines were missing before. Added 7/25/11 by Steve Gotter, GCETECH Staff

The March 20, 2011, meeting was called to order at 2:18 p.m.

Manuel Ossers moved, seconded by Pavan Chennamaneni, to approve the minutes of the January 27, 2011, meeting. Motion carried.

Announcements for March 10 Graduate Council

  1. The final spring 2011 enrollment has hit a record (801 FTE). A summary sheet of enrollment comparisons over the last ten years was attached to the agenda. (see attachment)
  2. A comparison of summer 2011 enrollment with the summer 2010 summer enrollment indicates a drop of 8.3 FTE. A new Terms and Conditions document will be in effect, starting with the fall 2011 term. Originally, the procedure was to begin with summer 2011, but there were issues to be resolved before implementation. Beginning in the fall of 2011, all students will need to sign a Terms and Condition statement each term prior to enrolling.
  3. Plans for the graduate commencement ceremony are progressing nicely. The ceremony will be held at 3:00 p.m. in Young Auditorium on Saturday, May 14th.
  4. The Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Continuing Education search is well underway. The application deadline is March 15th, and the search and screen committee hopes to bring in candidates for interviews in early to mid-April.

Information Only Items

Will Drago moved, with a second by Carol Normand, to approve the credit change for ACCOUNT 781. The motion carried.

  1. Curricular Action: Credit Change from the Department of Accounting: ACCOUNT 781: Advanced Accounting Theory I

New Business Items

Will Drago moved to approve the new course from the Department of Finance and Business Law, Financial Modeling. John Chenoweth seconded the motion. Motion carried.

  1. Curricular Action: New Course from the Department of Finance and Business Law: FNBSLW 785 Financial Modeling

Finally, the Change in Finance Submajor was approved on a Drago/Chenoweth motion.

With no other discussion items, Manuel Ossers moved, with a second by Alvaro Taveira, to adjourn the meeting at 2:45 p.m

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Lange