Current Graduate Council

Graduate Council - October 2015 Minutes


October 1, 2015

PRESENT: Jennifer Betters-Bubon, Amy Boerst, Sang Choi, Abbie Daly, Corey Davis, Rick Mason, Christine Panella, Diane Pertzborn, Erica Ritchie, Karla Saeger, Carol Scovotti, David Welsch, and John Zbikowski.
ABSENT: Roxanne DePaul, Megan Gleason, Sarah Hessenauer, Christina Jones, Kim Knesting-Lund, Praveen Parboteeah, Balaji Sankaranarayanan, and Shannon Stuart.
GUEST: Paul Ambrose, Carol Elsen, John Stone


The October 1, 2015, meeting was called to order at 2:20 p.m. by Interim Dean Seth Meisel. Carol Scovotti moved, with a second by Sang Choi, to approve the minutes of the May 7, 2015, meeting. Motion carried.

  1. Anouncements
    1. Seth asked the Council if they would be open to forming a subcommittee to solicit applications for student speaker for May 2016 commencement. Carol and Paul indicated they would be willing to do so. Also, any suggestions for a faculty speaker for the same ceremony should be sent to Seth.
    2. The Graduate Research Application deadline is October 9, 2015, for fall 2015 applications.
    3. The December 2015 commencement count is down from previous years.
    4. The Graduate School will be sponsoring a Graduate Fair on Wednesday evening, November 11th for all current juniors, seniors, and alumni.
    5. John Stone discussed the role the Graduate Council will play in the upcoming HLC visit.
  2. Information Only Items

    John Zbikowski moved, with a second by Rick Mason, to approve the information only item on the agenda. With no questions or concerns, the motion carried.

    1. Curricular Action: Prerequisite Change from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction: CIGENRL/ESL 550.
  3. Business Items

    Jennifer Betters-Bubon moved, with a second by David Welsch, to approve the change in degree from Counselor Education. The motion carried.

    1. Curricular Action: Change in degree from the Department of Counselor Education: Delete Higher Education emphasis

Rick Mason moved, with a second by Carol Scovotti, to adjourn the meeting at 2:55 p.m. Motion carried.


Sally Lange