Current Graduate Council

Graduate Council - September 2013 Minutes


September 5, 2013

PRESENT: Paul Ambrose, Scott Bradley, James Bronson (for Will Drago), Jessica Callaway, Sang Choi, Shannon Cummins, Corey Davis, John Frye, Michael Gueno, Glenn Hayes, Lopa Mukherjee, Kim Naber, Christine Neddenriep (for Kimberly Knesting-Lund), Carol Normand, Manuel Ossers, Steven Sahyun, Lauren Smith, Shannon Stuart, Kelly Witte, John Zbikowski, Wenquan Zhang, and Jianzhou Zhu.


ABSENT: Paul Adogamhe, *Marshall Anderson, Jeff Cook, Sarah Hessenauer, *Denton Marks, Pete Mesner, Amber Moulton, *Mark Schroeder, and Gautam Wadhwa.


GUEST: Carol Elsen and Carolyn Morgan


*Previously notified.


The September 5, 2013, meeting was called to order at 2:20 p.m. by Dean John Stone.


Manuel Ossers moved, with a second by Cory Davis, to approve the minutes of the May 2, 2013 meeting. With no comments or corrections, the motion carried.




  1. Enrollment for fall 2013 is down about 75 FTE from last year.
  2. The revision of the Graduate Faculty Constitution was distributed with the agenda. The revision was approved at the Graduate Faculty meeting on Monday, August 26th. The changes are effective fall 2014.
  3. Team members from the Higher Learning Commission will be on campus at the end of September to review the DBA proposal. Hopefully, the degree approval will come shortly after and can be offered in fall of 2014.
  4. The comprehensive list of learning outcomes for the university was last revised in 1997. These outcomes are being revised and the revisions will be brought to the Council for their vote in spring of 2014. Carolyn Morgan is conducting the review of how master’s-level learning differs from undergraduate learning. She will be contacting faculty in the near future to survey their programs (both undergraduate and graduate).

Information Only Items

Jodi Hare-Paynter presented an overview of the new course catalog and curriculum management software that the campus would like to purchase and implement. After the presentation, Jodi fielded questions about the software. The Graduate Council enthusiastically endorsed the purchase and implementation of the new software.

Business Items

There were no business items.



With no further discussion, Glenn Hayes moved, with a second by Steve Sahyun, to adjourn the meeting. The meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Sally Lange