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Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Assistance

What kind of financial assistance can the University offer me?

Financial assistance is basically available to UW-Whitewater graduate students in the form of loans and employment. Information and applications for various federal loan programs and work study programs are available through the Financial Aid Office at UW-Whitewater.

Students registered for full-time credits are eligible to apply for a graduate assistantship, and nonresident students who register for full-time credits are eligible for a nonresident fee remission-a fund that helps reduce tuition costs for students who are not residents of the State of Wisconsin.

What is a graduate assistantship and how do I get one?

When funds are available, various academic and student affairs programs may hire interested graduate students who are enrolled full-time and are academically in "good standing" to work as a graduate assistant. Full-time (20 hours/week) graduate assistantships paid approximately $10,985 for the academic year 2019-2020. Students employed as graduate assistants for, at least, 14 hours/week are eligible for benefits and will receive a full remission of the nonresident portion of their tuition if they are not legal residents of the State of Wisconsin.

The responsibilities of graduate assistantships vary widely depending on the program that hires them. They may work as a research assistant, laboratory assistant, instructional assistant (supporting face-to-face or online learning), or aid in undergraduate programming. UW-system policy prohibits UW-Whitewater graduate assistants from teaching college classes.

To be awarded a graduate assistantship, students must apply through the Office of Graduate Studies. The application deadline is 15 February for the next academic year, though students can apply at any time. [Graduate Assistantship Application Form].