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Graduate Assistantships

Degree seeking graduate students who are in "good academic standing", and enrolled on a full-time basis (at least 9 graduate credits) may be selected to work as a graduate assistant.

Students who has never been offered a graduate assistant in any previous year must submit two forms, the Graduate Assistantship Application and the Graduate Assistantship Supervisor Referral Form (completed by a student's supervisor or a professor familiar with the student's work or academic history).

Students who has been offered a graduate assistant in the past will only need to submit the Graduate Assistantship Application.

Students who lose eligibility for Graduate Assistantships may request re-qualification by completing the procedure explained in the Graduate Assistantship Appeal Process. Graduate students in Communication may apply for certain Instructional Assistantships.

Note: You must submit a new Graduate Assistant Application for each academic year for which you are seeking employment.

Applying for Graduate Assistantship:

Graduate Assistantship Application

Applying for Graduate Instructional Assistantship in Communication:

[Download Graduate Instructional Assistantships in Communication Form (Word Version) (Acrobat Version)]

Registrar's Office

The Registrar's Office is responsible for the monitoring and enforcement of academic and administrative policies related to the academic record, and the maintenance and dissemination of the academic records for past and current students.
[Registrar's Office web site]

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