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Management (MANGEMNT)

Field trips may be required for any of the courses. Students should check with the Associate Dean of the College of Business and Economics to find out when courses will be offered and the current prerequisites.


Special Studies 1-3 cr

A limit of three credits can be applied toward a major or six credits toward degree.

Prereq: Consent of instructor.


Operations Management 2 cr

A survey course focusing on the performance of managerial activities entailed in selecting, designing, operating, controlling, and updating productive systems. This life cycle approach will include treatment of non- manufacturing activities, and will draw heavily upon latest developments in the field.

Prereq: ECON-703, and MANGEMNT-705.


Organizational Behavior 2 cr

The course explores the behavior of people in organizations as individuals, and as group members in an organizational context. An analysis of human problems in organizations and the application of results of behavioral science research to organizational problems are included.


Management Of Technology 3 cr

This is a graduate course designed to acquaint the student with the foundations and the processes of research, development, technology, and innovation. This course draws upon current literatures in the management of engineering and technology-based organizations. Students are exposed to the workings of technology within the company, from its generation in the research and development function, to its commercialization as new products and services.


Managing Health Services Organizations 3 cr

This course examines the tasks, functions, activities, and practical skills employed by managers in Health Services Organizations. In the context of a dynamic health care environment, managerial roles, practices, concepts, and techniques such as organizational design, decision making, and ethical considerations that transcend levels of organizational hierarchy will be emphasized.

Prereq: Graduate standing or consent of the instructor.


Building Effective Organizations 2 cr

The course surveys concepts and research in the analysis of an organization. It examines the history of organization theory, as well as environmental and technological influences on organizational effectiveness. Contemporary developments in management and organization theory are also reviewed.


Seminar In Human Resource Management (1) 3 cr

An examination of the organization and administration of the personnel function in management. It is concerned with the employment, training, safety and health, employees services, and employee relations functions of personnel administration. Attention is focused on a limited number of topics drawn from these areas so more crucial concepts and methods involved may be dealt with in-depth.


Current Issues In Compensation And Benefits 3 cr

An examination of compensation programs in profit/ nonprofit organizations. It is concerned with a detailed study of job structures, job evaluation, performance appraisal, wage surveys, basic systems/plans of compensation, and fringe benefits. Attention is focused on a limited number of topics from these areas so more crucial concepts/methods may be dealt with in-depth.


Training And Development 3 cr

The course will emphasize the theories of Management Training and Development, and the practical application of these theories in today's organizations. Special emphasis will be on current topics in the field of Human Resource Development, including: training self-directed work teams, managing a diverse work force, and the practical application of designing programs in today's environment. This will include actually designing a needs analysis and training evaluation programs. The course will frame the concept of training and development within the applicable theory of adult learning.


Management And Labor Relations 3 cr

Primary concern is with contract negotiation and administration. Emphasis is on understanding the forces affecting the decisions of the parties to a labor contract. A dynamic approach is taken to examine difficulties that arise in attempting to administer a collectively established relationship. Study of conflict resolution including mediation and arbitration.


Social Responsibility Of Business 2 cr

The course analyzes (1) a broad spectrum of social, political, ethical, and legal frameworks within which organizations must function, and (2) social trends and their underlying causes as they can affect businesses.

Prereq: MANGEMNT-745 or MANGEMNT-721 or FNBSLW-721.


Strategic Management Of Human Resources 3 cr

This course examines strategic human resources (HR) management and HR planning. Applicable theories and methods of strategic, operational, and tactical planning and their relationship to HR management are covered, as well as the multiple roles HR plays in assisting organizations to gain and sustain competitive advantages in a fast-paced environment.


Supply Chain Systems 3 cr

The course uses a supply chain management framework to study flow of material. Topics include capacity planning, production systems, production planning, material planning, sourcing, and delivery of products. In addition, the role of information systems in integrating operations throughout the supply chain is discussed. The course uses case studies and research presentations.

Prereq: MANGEMNT-719 or equivalent.


Integrated Resources and Project Management 3 cr

This course is designed to develop a basic understanding of materials management, purchasing and logistics. Upon completion of this course students will be exposed to current trends in the field and will able to analyze practical inventory situations, use inventory management theory and apply selected inventory management models. Current topics covered in the course include supply chain management, E-commerce applications, operations strategy and quality. Issues related to operational performance in manufacturing and service companies are addressed through case studies of real world businesses. Invited speakers working in the field materials management may provide additional practical insights. A research paper and presentation covering in depth an industry of interest to the student are required.

Prereq: MANGEMNT-719, ITBE-734 or equivalent.


Global Operations Management 3 cr

The objective of this course is to enhance the student's ability to conceptualize and manage global operations effectively. A wide range of topics, concepts, theories, and tools related to the operations of both manufacturing and service firms are explored from an international perspective. In addition, the comparative position of U.S. production systems is evaluated with those of Japan, Europe, Latin America, and South East Asia. The focus is on covering those aspects of operations management that can help firms become more competitive globally. The aim of the course is to provide the managers with an understanding of the production of goods and services in an international environment through a review and critique of current literature.

Prereq: MANGEMNT-719 (can be taken concurrently) or MANGEMNT-734 or equivalent.


Global Operations Strategy 3 cr

A course focusing on strategic implications of operations decisions facing the top manager, such as the operations vice-president or plant manager. Cases are used to identify, analyze and recommend solutions to specific problems resulting from corporate decisions taken in the areas of processes and infrastructure. Current trends in selected industries are discussed.

Prereq: MANGEMNT-719 or equivalent.


Quality Issues In Operations 3 cr

A course focusing on qualitative and quantitative techniques used to study and improve quality of operations in manufacturing and service organizations. It covers topics such as quality philosophy, statistical process control (SPC), acceptance sampling, tools for quality improvement, product and process design. The role of quality in the entire cycle including product/ service design, development, production, delivery, and customer support is emphasized. An individual research paper and presentation covering the topic of interest will be used.

Prereq: MANGEMNT-719 or equivalent.


Organization Design 3 cr

Application of organization theory to the structuring of organizations. The course examines organizational configurations and their effectiveness in different situational contexts to provide a rationale for management practice.

Prereq: MANGEMNT-745 or MANGEMNT-721.


Strategic Management 3 cr

The course surveys the theoretical backgrounds of strategic management. It also covers practical methods and applications of strategic management models based upon existing theory, research, and practice. Comparative analysis of emerging strategic management frameworks are examined with implications for management practice.

Prereq: MANGEMNT-745 or MANGEMNT-721.


International Management 3 cr

The course deals with concepts, issues, problems, and research in international management, with a focus on the international application of: (1) strategic management, (2) organizational theory and design, (3) organizational behavior, culture, conflict, leadership, and communication, (4) ethical issues, and (5) development, control, and coordination of international subsidiaries.

Prereq: MANGEMNT-745 or MANGEMNT-721.


Strategic Decision-Making 2 cr

The course analyzes organizational environments from the perspective of top management in their efforts to manage a firm's mission, goals and corporate strategy. Case analyses are used extensively to provide students with an opportunity to apply course content to real businesses. Corporate social responsibility and business ethics are also covered.

Prereq: Last semester of program.


Readings And Research In Management 3 cr

Study of a selected area in management through readings and/or empirical research.

Prereq: Permission of instructor and department chairperson.


Workshop 1-6 cr


Seminar 1-3 cr


Individual Studies 1-3 cr

Student and adviser decide the study, with the consent of the professor in charge of the study and the approval of the College of Graduate Studies Committee. Consult the Associate Dean's Office for further information/limitations.


Thesis Research 1-6 cr

Students must complete a Thesis Proposal Form in the Graduate Studies Office before registering for this course. Requires advance approval of the MBA Program Director.