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Multicultural Students


The Office of Graduate Studies at UW-Whitewater is strongly committed to creating an environment dedicated to the four pillars of the UW System’s Inclusive-Excellence charter. These include diversity, equity, inclusion, and excellence. We offer an open and respectful workplace for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic status, physical limitation, religious beliefs, or cultural background.  We believe that all our people--students, faculty, administrators, and office staff--benefit from this dedicated commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We believe also that the conscious creation of a richly diverse environment is an integral part of our students’ education, a necessary preparation for the workplace of the 21st Century.   UW System Inclusive-Excellence


Involvement Opportunities and Student Organizations

"The Multicultural Affairs office provides great support for minority students. They host many events and push students to succeed in every program."
- Peace Udechukwu, Graduate Student


Financial Assistance

80% of minority graduate students receive tuition fellowships.