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Political Science (POLISCI)


Political Science Research Methods 3 cr

An introduction to basic research methods in political science. Topics will include various data collection and analysis techniques on the U.S. Presidency, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, political socialization, political parties, interest groups, civil violence, rebellion, and revolution. Students will obtain "hands-on" experience with computer software designed specifically for political science and the social sciences. This is not a statistics course, and no previous knowledge of statistical methods is assumed.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


Women And American Politics 3 cr

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the roles of women in political life. Topics include effective civic participation, women's issues and the women's movement.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


Police And Criminal Justice Administration 3 cr

This course examines the administrative process within the criminal justice setting. Both administrative theories and principles as well as applications to the criminal justice system will be covered.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


The American Legislative Process 3 cr

The study of the organization and functioning of legislative bodies, with particular attention to Congress: Functions, membership, committee system, executive-legislative relations, pressure groups, lobbying, and movements for reform.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


The American Presidency 3 cr

Analysis and discussion of the various roles of the President regarding his constitutional status and powers, nomination and election, administrative responsibilities, legislative and political leadership, and his role in the conduct of foreign relations.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


American Political Parties and Elections 3 cr

This course will examine the development, organization, and functions of political parties and elections in the American political systems. Topics include the nature and function of political parties, nominations and elections, political campaigns and campaign finance, voting behavior and party realignment issues, and the role of the party in government policy-making. Graduate Students will be required to complete an additional paper.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


Public Policy And Administration 3 cr

A course to introduce students to the concepts and problems of public policy and administration. Emphasis will be given to the role played by individuals and groups in large organizations; theories of organization will be set forth and operations of governmental administrative agencies in the political world will be examined.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


Public Opinion And Political Behavior 3 cr

An examination of public opinion in the United States as it concerns political and social behavior. Major topics are the acquisition of beliefs, leadership and opinion formation, voting behavior, and propaganda. Graduate requirements: In addition to meeting the regular requirements of the course, graduate students will be expected to complete a comprehensive research project using survey research methods.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


Resources For Legal Research 1 cr

A course to acquaint students with the major resource materials for the study of law and the legal process with an emphasis on library assignments utilizing the various resources of the UW-Whitewater legal collection.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


Contemporary Political Thought 3 cr

An in-depth study of certain selected topics of contemporary importance, such as the resolution of power conflicts, the theory and practice of nonviolence and the existentialist dilemma.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


The Constitution And Civil Liberties 3 cr

A course focusing on the constitutional development of equal protection and of the rights and freedoms of individuals and the limitations upon the powers of government, both state and national.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


Criminal Justice And The Constitution 3 cr

This course examines the role of the major participants in the criminal justice system - defendants, police, prosecutions, courts, and corrections - and the development of constitutional law regulating their behavior.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


The Judicial Process 3 cr

A study of the American judicial system as a part of the larger framework of the political, social and economic systems of the nation. Emphasis will be on topics such as the judicial role, judicial organization and jurisdiction, judicial power and the decisional process rather than legal cases.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


American Political Thought 3 cr

A study of the fundamental political ideas of America and the political philosophers who espoused them from colonial times to the present.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


American Foreign Policy 3 cr

An analysis of the forces and institutions involved in the establishment of American foreign policies. Emphasis is placed on the effect of the growth of American power and responsibility on the development of foreign policies.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


Social Welfare Policy 3 cr

Provides students with the analysis and critical understanding of the policy issues surrounding historical and current social welfare program, of new social welfare issues and of policy decisions that lead to changes in programming. Community organization, as an intervention approach, will be explored.

Prereq: Three credits of political science.

Unreq: SOCWORK-462/662.


Workshop 1-6 cr

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


Seminar 3 cr


Special Studies 1-3 cr

Prereq: Three credits of political science.


Workshop 1-4 cr


Internship In Political Science 1-12 cr

Study and work with a government unit or in some area of public affairs under the direction of a faculty supervisor. Students will have the opportunity to combine academic learning with practical experience in government and politics. Students may earn a maximum of 12 credits.

Prereq: A political science general studies course.


Seminar 1-3 cr


Individual Studies 1-3 cr