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Frequently Asked Questions About Registering for Classes

When I try to register, a message tells me my record is no longer "active." What do I do?

The student record becomes inactive if there is no enrollment for one calendar year. To reactivate your status, complete the Reactivation Form and submit it to the Graduate Office. Click here for the reactivation form.

When I try to register, I am told that I have a "hold." What is it and how do I get it removed?

A "hold" is a "stop" put on your ability to register by one or more administrative offices. "Holds" for graduate students are, typically, established by one of the following offices: Financial Services, Registrar, or Graduate Studies.
To determine what kind of "hold" you have, go to WINS System, or contact the School of Graduate Studies (262-472-1006; 800-628-4559). You'll then contact the office that initiated the "hold" to find out why and take action to remove the "hold."

What is the WINS System and how does it work?

WINS is the system that allows students to register for classes. For a tutorial about how to register using WINS, go to the following link. WINS Registration Tutorial [PDF]

Required Terms & Conditions/Payment Plan for Enrollment

Students planning to enroll in classes at UW Whitewater will need to complete the "Terms and Conditions for Enrollment/Credit Agreement" each term, go to the following link. Terms and Conditions for Enrollment/Credit Agreement [WORD]

You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF form. Click on the icon to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.