Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What exactly is the University Honors Program ?

    The University Honors Program (UHP) offers academically motivated students the opportunity to challenge themselves and graduate with University Honors. Students participate in Honors-level coursework and may engage in undergraduate research and service learning opportunities. They may also apply to attend honors conferences and compete for honors-only awards and national scholarships. 

  2. How do I know if I am eligible to join the UHP ?

    Entering first-year students who meet the official criteria listed below will be automatically enrolled during their application process to UW-Whitewater.

    • Top 10% of high school class and an ACT score of 24 or greater OR
    • Top 25% of high school class and an ACT score of 28 or greater

    Students who are already enrolled at UWW and incoming transfer students may apply for admission into the Honors Program if their cumulative GPA at UW-Whitewater is at least 3.4 and if they have earned at least 12 credits. The application can be found on our homepage. Admittance is determined by the Honors Director on a case-by-case basis.

  3. How do I get to the UHP Office?

    The UHP is located in the Student Success Center in the Anderson Library, 2115.  Enter through the main library entrance and the office is directly across from the circulation desk.

  4. What are honors courses like?

    Honors courses are designed to be more academically challenging and enriching than non-Honors courses. They provide opportunities for more discussion as well as more independent and creative work.

  5. What is an H-Option?

    An H-Option is a formal contract between an Honors student and professor, which allows the student to receive honors credit in a course that does not have an honors designation.  The H-Option requires the student to work with the professor to design and implement an honors curriculum that goes above and beyond the regular course requirements. Students will receive Honors credits upon successful completion of the H-Option with a course grade of "B" or higher. Please note that a set of Guidelines for H-Option Projects is currently under development for Fall 2015 implementation. Please check the Honors Website in August 2015 for more information.

  6. What kind of requirements are there to stay in the program?
    To remain in the University Honors Program, students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.4. In order to graduate with University Honors, a student must earn 21 Honors credits. Under the proposed Guidelines for H-Option Projects, which are expected to go into effect in Fall 2015, at least 6 of the 21 Honors credits must be undertaken at the 300 or 400 level (by way of Honors courses/sections or H-Option contracts). This distribution requirement will apply to students who enter the University Honors Program as first-year or continuing students in Fall 2015 and to second-year students in the UHP for whom the distribution requirement will not pose a hardship. While Honors students who are in their third or fourth year in the program in Fall 2015 are encouraged to undertake Honors credits in 300 or 400 level courses, they are exempt from this distribution requirement.

    If you have any concerns, complaints, and/or suggestions - please click on the following link:  Concerns, Complaints, & Suggestions


University Honors Program
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Contact the Director

Dr. Elizabeth Kim
University Honors Director
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