University Honors Program (UHP)
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Honors Council

The Honors Council, which consists of seven faculty and five students representing various constituencies on campus, meets monthly to advise the Director on curricular, budgetary, and other important programmatic matters.

The 2018-19 Honors Council

Faculty Members
Elizabeth Kim (Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor)
S-A Welch (Arts & Communications/Library)
Leon Arriola (Letters & Sciences)
Benjamin Whitcomb (At-Large)
Kimberly Nath (At-Large)
TBD (Business & Economics)
Yao Fu (Education & Professional Studies)

Honors Council Photo

Student Members
Dana Truckenbrod (Arts & Communications)
TBD (Letters & Sciences)
Abraham Martinez (Business & Economics)
TBD (Education & Professional Studies)
Pasan Samaranayake (Whitewater Student Government)