University Honors Program (UHP)
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Honors Advantage Learning Community

The Honors Advantage Learning Community provides a unique opportunity for a group of about 20 Honors students to learn and study together, to build community, and to create lifelong friendships by taking three courses together and living in the same residence hall during their first semester at UW-W.  Students in the Honors LC are enrolled in Honors English 105 (3 credits), the Honors section of GENED 130 Individual and Society (3 credits), and INTRAUNV 104 New Student Seminar (1 credit).  Professor Melissa Deller, the coordinator of the Honors LC, teaches both the Honors section of GENED 130 and INTRAUNV 104.  She also organizes several fun social and study activities for the LC—from movie nights, to field trips, to pizza making night, to study nights.  For more information about Learning Communities in general, click here.  To join the Honors Advantage Learning Community next fall, contact Jes Cisneros, the coordinator of all LCs.