Study Abroad Award

The University Honors Program highly encourages students to further enrich their cultural perspectives through Study Abroad/Travel Study opportunities. UHP students are eligible to apply for the $1000 Study Abroad/Travel Study scholarship that is awarded by the UHP each year. This scholarship is available to UHP students who:

  • matriculate fulltime for a semester or a full year at a university outside of the United States
  • enroll in a Travel Study course through the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

To apply for the $1000 travel stipend (reimburseable after you travel), students should consult the Study Abroad Award Rubric and complete the Study Abroad Award Application.

Limit: One Study Abroad Award per student.

Applications will be reviewed by the faculty members of the Honors Council.

The due dates are:

October 15th for programs undertaken in the spring, winterim or a year-long program that begins in the spring and ends in the fall.  One (1) Study Abroad Scholarship will be awarded for this deadline. **The funding source, application process, and deadlines for the Honors Study Abroad Awards are currently undergoing revision. The October 15th deadline will therefore NOT apply this year. No applications will be accepted this October. Please check back in November for updates. 

April 2nd for programs undertaken in the summer, fall or a year-long program that begins in the fall and ends in the spring.  In most years (2) Study Abroad Scholarships will be awarded for this deadline.

To apply for other financial support: UW-W Financial Aid Department