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2020-21 Room Reapplication New Steps and Applications

Below are important changes to the Reapplication process for current students living on-campus who wish to continue living on-campus for Fall 2020 – Spring 2021.

Please note that information is available on the Housing Application, on the bulletin boards in your Residence Hall, and via email.

Online Application – University Housing is excited to announce that Housing Applications are now 100% online for Returning Students! From our Housing Deposit Forms to our Specialty options applications, everything can be done via our new Housing Portal. Simply log into our Housing Contract and start the application to begin the process. Our Housing Application is also updated to reflect our new changes.

Room Renewal – Room Renewal is ta new process that allows students in certain buildings and floors to renew their same space for next year. This process is only available for students living in Arey 1st and 4th Floors, Benson 1st through 3rd Floors, Bigelow Hall, Fricker Hall, Fischer Hall, Tutt Hall, Wellers 1st, 2nd, and 4th Floors, Wells East Floors 4 through 9 and Wells West 4 through 9. Any student that is in a single room, except CSD students with approved Housing Accommodations, will not be able to renew their room. IF you are a current CSD student living in Arey, Fricker, Bigelow, Benson, Lee, Knilans, Wellers, Fischer, Tutt, Wellers, Wells East, or Wells West you are also able to renew your room due to your Housing Accommodation needs through the Center for Students with Disabilities. Students in Starin, Cambridge, or the New Hall are not able to renew their rooms. Student in Single rooms or with buyouts will also not be able to renew their rooms.

Please note that Tutt Hall 1st and 2nd Floors are renewable, however 3rd and 4th floors are uneligible for Room Renewal. (CSD Students on 3rd and 4th Floor of Tutt will be eligible to renew their spaces.) In the above paragraph and on publicity it was listed that 3rd and 4th floors will be renewable, however this is incorrect.

Building Renewal – Students can apply to select back into the same building but in different rooms or floors. This option is available to students as long as they currently live in Arey, Fricker, Benson, Bigelow, Fischer, Tutt, Wellers, Wells East, or Wells West. If a student currently has a single room, or has bought out their room as a single, they will not be able to go through this process unless they want to be in a double room.

Starin/Cambridge/New Hall/Triple/Single Applications – Students looking to live in Starin Hall, Cambridge Apartments, The New Hall, Single Rooms, or Triple Rooms can apply to live in any of these options. The process is entirely online and students will be asked to match with roommates prior to selection. All group members must complete an application to be considered prior to the deadline. Any returning student can apply for these options. Please note that full applications of 4 students for Cambridge, Starin, and the New Hall (3 students for Triples) are typically approved. Any students in a smaller group size should find others or look to merge groups in order to have a full group. Approval is based on a few criteria determined by University Housing.

Standard Hall Applications – Students looking to simply move buildings from one double room to another double room will apply in the portal and will select an available room from the list remaining. Students will be given a timeslot prior to selection in order to allow students time to select a room.


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