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AODA Peer Educator Program


The AODA Peer Educator is designed to enhance and educate the students of University Of Wisconsin Whitewater to empower them to live a healthy lifestyle and make responsible decisions regarding substance use.

The AODA Peer Educator program:

    • Is a group of UW-Whitewater students recruited, trained and supervised by University Housing. Training includes: leadership skills, group dynamics, needs assessments, program facilitation AODA assessment and public speaking.

    • Is designed to raise awareness and to promote understanding about substance use in our community.

    • Creates an environment for enlightened discussion, dialogue, and sometimes debate, among students and peers.

    • Provides correct and current information which allows students to think about issues that relate to substance use.

    • To break down myths and misconceptions about substance use.

Program 1: UW-W Survivor

This alcohol awareness program is focused on putting the risks of alcohol use into a tangible game setting.  The game is similar to survivor, and the last student standing wins. Each team runs through a course where "fate cards" are dealt. The cards will reflect the statistics of alcohol related deaths, accidents, school dropouts, health problems, and lifestyle changes. These life events will cause the players of the game to be eliminated from the game or fall behind. Following the game, there will be a time to process as a group.

Program 2: AODA Feud: Alcohol

This alcohol awareness program is focused on putting the risks of alcohol use into a tangible game setting. Comparable to the popular Family Feud television show, AODA Feud is a competitive and engaging program which brings awareness about consumption. The program, which includes a video and a discussion, strives to bring awareness to students about binge drinking and negative outcomes of over-consumption.

Program 3: What is...Marijuana?

This marijuana awareness program is designed to debunk the facts and myth about marijuana. The goal is to educate the participants about the dangers of marijuana by playing a game of Jeopardy. The program is discussion oriented, includes a video, and a Jeopardy game. The Jeopardy activity strives to facilitate conversation about the facts about marijuana and encourage to create distinguish between the truths and myths of marijuana use.

Program 4: They Lied

"They Lied" is a program about street drugs, pharmaceuticals, and inhalants. This is an informative program with a video, a test your knowledge quiz, and a critical discussion component about how these drugs are portrayed by the media (usually glamorizing the effects and the high) and how the experiences really are (expensive, destructive, unhealthy, and dangerous).


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