Innovation Services

Whitewater University Technology Park

The Office of Innovation Services manages the operations of the Whitewater University Innovation Center and the Whitewater Univesity Technology Park. 

The mission of the Whitewater University Technology Park is to create and foster durable businesses and jobs through resources from UW-Whitewater’s research and educational competencies and the City of Whitewater. The Technology Park serves as a foundation for a diversified and robust regional economy through the attraction of new residents, utilization of UW-Whitewater faculty, staff and student expertise and the retention of alumni talent.

The 130-acre Whitewater University Technology Park was designed with expansion, relocation and business needs in mind. The 35-acre parcel directly east of the Whitewater University Innovation Center is ''Certified in Wisconsin.'' 

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Whitewater University Innovation Center

As the cornerstone of the Whitewater University Technology Park, the Whitewater University Innovation Center serves as a community for entrepreneurs. It is an entrepreneurial community strategically built with the support from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout Wisconsin. With the support of our partners, the Whitewater University Innovation Center provides workspace, coaching, and programming to take your startup to the next level. With over 25 companies, the collaboration between companies is one of the greatest benefits.

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