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technology surplus sale

Technology Surplus Sale

Throughout the year, ICIT holds a Tech Surplus Sale.  Take advantage of great pricing on used equipment for your home or personal use. All equipment is sold as-is.

Next Sale: TBD

Sales typically include:

  • Complete PC Systems (monitor, keyboard, mouse, imaged PC and cables) - $94.70
  • PC Laptops - $75.83
  • PC Desktop - $47.39
  • All Mac Devices - $104.27
  • Projectors - $94.79
  • Miscellaneous Devices - $4.74 per item
  • Unknown Devices - $9.48
  • Hard Drives - $4.74
  • Monitors - $23.70
  • Cameras - $4.74
  • Cables/RAM - $1

Listed prices DO NOT include tax.  At the time of purchase, taxes will be added and prices will round up to a whole number (PC desktop, $47.39 + $2.61 tax = $50.00)  

Please note: We are NOT able to reserve any items, this is first-come, first-served. These devices are sold as is. If you have any questions regarding a purchase, please contact Mike Cesar,

Method of payment is cash or check, payable to UW-Whitewater (no credit cards). Receipts will be provided for all payments. These devices will not be supported by UW-Whitewater and may not be returned or used at UW-Whitewater for any reason.

Tech Surplus Sale Location

map of surplus sale

Join the Surplus Sale Email List

If you would like to be notified of upcoming Surplus Sales, please send an email to Indicate which email address you would like added to the list. Email announcements are usually sent out two weeks before a sale.

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