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TurningPoint is a interactive polling software that allows instructors to ask questions, track participant progress and receive instant feedback. When presented with a question, the student presses a button on a mobile app or a "clicker" device.

TurningPoint Desktop

PowerPoint Polling allows you to integrate clicker question slides directly into your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. This is the most commonly used feature amongst faculty using TurningPoint software.

Anywhere Polling allows you to poll over top of web pages, videos, documents or any application using a floating toolbar.

Self-Paced Polling allows you to deliver assessments, evaluations and surveys that a require students to work at their own pace.

TurningPoint Web

Automatically save and manage results online with the web-based polling system. Poll on the web, through a PowerPoint integration, and schedule surveys and assessments.

Turning Technologies offers Phone, Chat and Email support for students and instructors Monday – Friday from 7am to 8pm (Central Time).



  • Registration Link. Instructors will need to add a link into their course for the registration.  There is a guide that walks through this process available at:
  • User Guides / Video Tutorials.  Turning Point has resources available that we have posted for you at:
  • Course Roster Sync.  With Turning Point 8 and Canvas, the course roster sync has been greatly improved – and now happens on a nightly basis!  You will need to Publish your course before you can sync the course roster.  The video below will walk through this in more detail and show some examples.
  • New Users?  Contact the Learning Technology Center to get started with TurningPoint.