Congratulations on your admission to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater!  We look forward to welcoming you to campus Here is some important information to help prepare you for your journey and provide guidance while you are here on-campus.  

Set up your UW-Whitewater email and check it often

Your campus email is the main way we will be contacting you. Check it regularly so you don't miss out on important information and reminders.

  • Open this link:
  • Read the "First Time Users" column
  • Use the Net-ID and Sudent ID  information from your admission letter to log in
  • Use Net-ID as login and the 7 UW- Whitewater Student ID # as password
  • After you've logged in remember to change your password   To access your new email click on "EMAIL" in the upper right corner on     

Activate your student portal

UW Whitewater student portal is called WINS. This is the place where students can register for classes and view their bills.

To log into WINS:

  • Click on "EMAIL" in the upper right corner on
  • Use the Net-ID and your new password   Note: In the past, students have sometimes had problems using WINS if their computer language settings were set to a language other than English.  If you experience this problem, please contact us.

Register for Orientation

Orientation begins on August 29 and your visa requires that you attend orientation.  UW - Whitewater offers two busses from O'Hare International Airport in Chicago:

  • Monday, August 27, 2018 -- Bus Departs from International Terminal 5, outside of baggage claim at 4:30 pm (16:30) Latest flight arrival time which will allow you to take the bus: 2:00 pm (14:00)
  • Tuesday, August 28, 2018 -- Bus Departs from International Terminal 5, outside of baggage claim at 4:30 pm (16:30) Latest flight arrival time which will allow you to take the bus: 2:00 pm (14:00)

Once you have obtained your visa and purchased a flight, please complete the online Fall 2018 Registration Form which will allow you to reserve a seat on the bus from O'Hara International Airport to UW - Whitewater for early move-in.  The link to register is:    

Apply for Housing

When completing the online housing application you may not be able to complete all the steps until we receive the Deposit Payment Form. You will receive a message in your UW-Whitewater email when more steps are available.  Housing Deposit Payment form is the only mandatory part of the application.   

Things to do once you receive your I-20/DS-2019

  1. Pay your SEVIS I-901 Fee here: .
  2. Schedule your Visa Interview: at the nearest American Embassy/Consulate. Processing and scheduling times vary for each embassy and consulate. 
  3. Look into Meal Plans:  Students living on-campus are required to have a meal plan.  You will be able to choose a meal plan on the housing application.  As everyone's eating habits are different, there is no correct meal plan choice. 
  4. Schedule your flight:  There is no public transportation that runs directly from an airport to Whitewater, WI.  However, UW - Whitewater coordinates two bus pick-ups from Chicago O'Hare International Airport to Whitewater two days immediately prior to orientation. 
  5. Register for Orientation: See above
  6. Pack your bag: Put in your carry-on luggage:  
your passport with the visa SEVIS fee receipt
Original I-20 A change of clothes
admission letter  

If you have any questions about the information above or if there is anything else you want to know, reach out to us at!  

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