ELA Student Testimonials

Belebie Olivier Carmel Nezien

Full Name: Belebie Olivier Carmel Nezien
Age : 25
Country of Origin: Burkina Faso (West Africa)
Hometown: Ouagadougou
Time spent studying at the English Language Academy: one semester

Since I was not of the UW-Whitewater, I heard the ELA from one of my relative who is Dr. Hassime Traore in the Chemistry Department of the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. The choice did not come from me, but from Dr. Hassime who told me about the quality of the courses given in the English Language Academy and the opportunities that will get as an international student. And he encouraged me to attend it because I will learn fast the language which will allow me to start academic courses.

During my experience in the ELA I really enjoyed all of my classes and they were all helpful for me. I learned more than what I expected to be taught. I am wordless to detail every second spent in this program. Furthermore, I had the chance to attend the speaking, writing-reading, and the pronunciation classes. I also improved some skills in the technology domain and a bit about Wisconsin culture.

My experience in this program, was quite a new family for me as a student. I have been studying with my classmates and professor as a team. We all encouraged each other to focus on what we were doing in or off school. To be honest, my professors and all the relatives to ELA were so kind. We were really together and helping each other to get off the struggle.

The international students community on the campus is multiple cultural. It helps international students to learn different cultures and new experiences through the campus.

Beatriz del Carmen Cantero Mendoza & Norma Hernández García

Haline Kelly Ferreira

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