Financial Aid and Grants

Financial Aid and Grants

Financial Aid For Studying Abroad

Eligible Students

  • All UW-Whitewater students enrolled in a 1st undergraduate degree program and have at least sophomore standing.
  • All UW-Whitewater students enrolled in a graduate program
  • Students must be participating in an approved program, as determined by the Center for Global Education.
  • Students must have been enrolled full-time at UW-Whitewater at least one semester preceding the term they plan to study abroad.
  • Enrollment exceptions exist for graduate students/teachers who may only be enrolled half-time during the summer.

Applying For Aid

  • All federal and state aid administered by the Financial Aid Office is awarded based on need. Students must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine need.
  • Students should apply for private funds directly. Study abroad scholarships are available through UW-W, study abroad organizations, and external organization.
  • Students should contact the Center for Global Education for scholarship and grant applications approximately six months prior to your intended travel.
  • Students should prepare ahead for the appointment by determining (as much as possible) what the reasonal cost will be for their planned experience as provided by the Center for Global Education.
  • Students should schedule an apppointment to meet with a financial aid administrator regarding study abroad after they have received their Financial Aid Award Notification for the relevant academic year, which will be sent by paper or e-mail confirmation that their financial aid application has been processed.

Students who are planning to travel abroad as part of their approved academic program may be eligible to recieve additional grants and/or loans to help cover the additonal related expenses. To determine if students are eligible, they must first apply for financial aid by submitting the current and/or next year's Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students who have never applied for financial aid are encouraged to apply. The Financial Aid Office cannot award any federal or state funds unless the student has completed the application process. Students should submit an application for the current year A.S.A.P., regardless of whether or not they have chosen a program, have been officially admitted to another institution, accepted into a class, and/or approved for a student teaching experience.

After the student has been registered for the study abroad experience and costs can be determined, the Financial Aid Office will increase the student's budget by the additional amount needed as specified by the Center for Global Education. Allowances cannot be given for clothing and souvenirs; however, every student's budget includes an allowance for program fees, personal expensess and travel expenses to and from the program site.

The type of program the student participates in determines how and when they will receive the funds to cover the added costs. Students who plan to depart early for programs that begin in July, August, or September should plan to pay for transportation, airfare and some living expenses in advance of receiving financial aid.

Students earing credits though other insititutions must submit a copy of their transfer credit agreement (TCA) to the Financial Aid Office. Students approved for transfer credit must also have a Study Abroad Consortium agreement on file in the Financial Aid Office before funds can be relased. Students needing funds from UW-Whitewater to pay another institutions should schedule an appointment to see a financial aid administrator.

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