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We are happy you are considering the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. We are proud of our campus and look forward to the opportunity to assist you. If you have questions we haven't covered, you may contact us any time via email:

You should apply as an international freshman if:

  •  You are not a US citizen or legal permanent resident
  • You want to pursue an undergraduate degree
  •  You have never enrolled at a higher education institution

Submit an application at and pay the non-refundable $50 application fee:

  •  Submit application first and only after that send the supporting documents. That would facilitate the processing of all the materials.
  • Make sure your name on the application is the same as it appears in your passport
  • Make sure that the Permanent Home Address is your home country address even if you currently live in the US
  • Your Mailing Address can be your US address if you have one
  • If you do not have a Social Security Number (SSN), you can leave that field blank

Submit your secondary school records.

  • UW-Whitewater evaluates undergraduate transcripts in-house.
  • Each country has different requirements on completion of high school. If you are not sure what to submit, contact us at
  • Original or officially certified copies of all grade reports for all secondary studies are required.  Official records should include original or officially certified copies of all academic diplomas, certificates, mark sheets and/or national board examination results.  All of these must be submitted in the native language and must be accompanied by an official English translation (if not originally issued in English). We do not accept translations done by the applicants themselves. We do not accept fscal stamp copies.
  •  The above documents must be sent to:

Attn: International Admissions, 800 W Main St, Roseman Building, Office of Admissions, Whitewater, WI USA 53190

  • We also accept evaluations done by ECEWES and China Credential Services.
  • We can consider applicants on in-progress coursework. However, if admitted, you must provide official high school completion document prior to the start of your second semester at UW-Whitewater. You will not be able to register for the second semester until we receive those documents.

Submit one satisfactory score from our accepted scores list.

  •  Our code at ETS for TOEFL submission is 1921
  • You can send a clear scan of your own copy of IELTS Test Report Form
  • For submission instructions of other scores on our accepted list please contact

Submit the Certification of Finances Form

  • You can send the filled form electronically to
  • If you have more than one sponsor, each of the sponsors should sign a separate Certification of Finance

Submit a bank statement showing enough liquid funds to cover the total cost outlined here

  •  You can send the bank statement electronically to
  • The bank statement must be issued within 6 months of intended start date
  • The bank statement must be in the name(s) of your sponsor(s)
  • If more than one person owns the account on the bank statement, each of the account holders must sign a separate Certification of Finances

Submit the biographical page in your passport electronically to

We recommend submitting the online application and all the supporting materials prior to these dates:

  • Fall semester start: 15th of July
  • Spring semester start: 1st of December

Applications received after that date may be considered, however, admission will depend on the amount of time available for visa processing.  

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