Emergencies and Emergency Procedures

Emergencies and Emergency Procedures

Emergencies and Emergency Procedures

True emergencies are actually quite rare. While losing luggage, tickets, or even a passport is inconvenient, they are not emergencies. Emergencies are situations in which there is an immediate threat to a student's health and/or safety. An emergency is an occurrence or situation that poses a genuine and sometimes immediate risk to the health and well-being of program participants.

Everyone needs to learn how to use the telephone and know how to locate and contact the appropriate individuals and organizations at your son or daughter’s program and in the countries that your son or daughter visits.

Emergencies at Home

You should have a conversation with your son or daughter before they leave about what you will do in the event there is a death or serious medical situation in your family. Be sure you always know how to reach your daughter or son, even when they are traveling.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Center for Global Education

CISI Insurance
800-303-8120 or 203-399-5132
River Plaza, 9
West Broad Street
Stamford, CT 06902-3788

To call overseas, normally you dial 011 – Country Code – area code – phone number

Here is a website where you can find any country code or area code and time zone:

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