Host Family Program

The host family program at UW-Whitewater is a non-live in situation designed to promote cross-cultural understanding by fostering interaction between Whitewater area residents and UW-Whitewater international students. Host families benefit from these friendships by learning more about the ways of life in other lands. The students benefit because they are assisted in their transition to living in the United States.

Prospective Host Families

People interested in becoming a host family should contact the Center for Global Education either by phone at (262) 472-5759 or via e-email at  The Coordinator of the program will match a student with each family.   Apply to be a host family.  

Prospective International Students

Students interested in having a host family should complete a Host Family Program form online.  The program Coordinator will inform all students of their host family assignments at the beginning of each semester.  Apply to participate as a student in the host family program.  Apply to participate as a student in the host family program  

What is Expected?

After receiving their student's information, the host families take the initiative to contact their assigned students. Families provide general support and should invite their assigned student(s) to their home for dinner or lunch and on special holidays.  

What is Not Expected?

Host families are not expected to support the students financially, board them at their homes, or act as a personal taxi service.

Host Family Handbook

Click here to download the Host Family Handbook.   

Where to Find Us

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