Health Insurance

It is important that international students are covered by health insurance.  There is no universal health coverage in the United States and medical care can be expensive.

For non-emergencies, students can use the University Health and Counseling Services, where the majority of services are free or low cost.

Students are required to purchase insurance through Consolidated Health Plans.  Enrollment is automatic and charges are posted to each student's university account.  The Student Assurance Services plan is compliant with the Affordable Care Act. It also meets specific federal requirements for visiting students and scholars on J-1 visas. The UW-System allows UW-Whitewater to make exceptions only for sponsored students whose government sponsor provides U.S. insurance to all its sponsored students. For example, students sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission are allowed to utilize SACM-issued health insurance. Please contact the Center for Global Education if you have any questions about this requirement.

2016-2017 Summary of Coverage 

2016-2017 Detailed Coverage Brochure

Instructions for generating an insurance ID card | This card needs to be shown to each doctor/clinic giving treatment.  It is advisable that it is carried on your person at all times.

Instructions for searching in-network doctors/clinics | Insurance companies have a list of approved doctors/clinics/hospitals they choose to work with.  Those on the list are called 'in-network providers' and those not on the list are called 'out of network providers'.  Insurance companies cover medical expenses at a much greater rate for those on their 'in-network provider' list.  It is important to use an 'in-network provider' whenever possible.

Claims| Doctors and Hospitals should communicate directly with the insurance company by sending an itemized bill to Cigna, PO Box 188061 Chattanooga, TN 37422-8061.  The insurance company will inform the Doctor or Hospital if there is anything remaining for you to pay and the Doctor or Hospital will then issue you a bill for the remaining amount.  This is not an instantaneous process so if you are living off-campus please forward your mail with the United States Postal Service and update your address with the University.    

For more information about local health care resources and health insurance, click here.

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