Dear Colleagues,


The 2012 -2013 academic year will be a time of exploration for the Center for Global Education. Our goal is to initiate meaningful dialogue across campus in hopes of coming to a shared understanding of what it would mean to truly internationalize the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.  How would "comprehensive internationalization" impact curriculum design and delivery, our program priorities, and our student learning outcomes?  How would a greater level of international engagement impact campus life and diversity; civic engagement, research and scholarship; academic and student support services; external partnerships and faculty development; and institutional competitiveness and positioning? Please join in this dialogue so that the Center can assist with the development of an integrative action plan to ensure a successful and sustained commitment to Comprehensive Internationalization. You'll enable the Center for Global Education to understand how we can best support students, faculty, and departments along this path. I'd welcome talking with you!

Candace Chenoweth, Director, Center for Global Education

International Visitor Reception

The University of Wisconsin - Whitewater places a priority on providing international visitors with the same inclusive and welcoming reception that we provide to our students. These visits enable UW-W to establish those personal connections that lead to deeper, more meaningful, and increasingly collaborative partnerships that flourish over time.

As an important "face" for international at UW-W, the Center for Global Education is happy to assist with visitation schedules for international visitors who represent universities or agencies with which UW-Whitewater has a current partnership or a strong interest in exploring or developing a partnership. Jennifer Hatlen, CGE Finance Specialist II, will provide visitors with arrival and departure information and assist with hotel reservations, directions, parking and so on. Working with the relevant college(s) and faculty member(s) she also will arrange a visitation schedule. This schedule could include:

  • A "Campus Conversation" session for interested faculty, students, and staff members;
  • Separate meetings with faculty and/or colleges;
  • An opportunity to exchange information with relevant staff in the CGE;
  • An opportunity to meet with their students studying at UW-Whitewater;
  • An opportunity to briefly meet with the Provost or Chancellor, if available;
  • Presentation of an appropriate gift from the Provost or Chancellor;
  • Classroom, lab, or studio visits, if desired;
  • Meals (on or off-campus)
  • A campus tour, if desired; and
  • Other activities if requested - for example, a visit to the Innovation Center.

To assist Jennifer, please complete the International Visitor Reception Form and email her as soon as you know you will have a visitor. Please fill the form out completely to ensure that Jennifer is not placed in a position where she must revise plans several times.

As much as the Center would like to assist with larger delegations invited by individual faculty members or colleges to campus, or with drop-in visitors to campus who do not represent a UW-W partner, our ability to assist with such events would depend on our workload and staffing. Please contact us in such cases so that we can determine if we can assist.


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