Global Ambassador Program

Global Ambassador Program

      Global Ambassador Student Leadership Team

      The Program

      Global Ambassador team members assist international students with adjusting to life in the U.S., understanding the U.S. academic system, learning how to succeed academically, and developing meaningful friendships with Americans. Students from diverse backgrounds as well as international students are encouraged to apply!

      Global Ambassadors receive a $750 stipend (with opportunities to earn more) each semester for their service.

      2014-15 Application Information

      (Application is for new applicants and returning Global Ambassadors)

      Eligibility Requirements:           

      • Must be a degree-seeking student at UW-Whitewater.
      • Must have and maintain a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA.
      • Must have been enrolled at UWW for at least two semesters by the start of employment.
      • Must have a strong desire to assist international students with their transition to academic and co-curricular life at UWW!
      • Must be available for interviews between April 21 and April 25.
      • If selected, must be available for training on May 2 and August 22.  Must also be available to work during International Student arrival (August 24-25) and International Student Orientation on August 26 - August 28, 2014.

      Application process:

      Applicants must submit the following materials to the Center for Global Education by email (; preferred submission method) or in hard copy to Hyland 1227 by the application deadline:


      • Application deadline: April 14 at 4pm CST
      • Interviews: April 21-25
      • Notification: April 28
      • Training dates: May 2 AND August 22
      • International Student Arrival; August 24-25
      • International Student Orientation: August 26-28

      Position Description

      We are hiring 7 Global Ambassadors for the 2014-15 academic year:

      • 5 Global Ambassadors for new undergraduate students
      • 1 Global Ambassador for new graduate students
      • 1 Global Ambassador for the new Intensive English Institute (IEI).  Applicants with a background in Teaching English as a Second Language will be given priority.

      Postion Goals:

      Global Ambassadors are interns in the Center for Global Education who become part of a student leadership team that provides mentoring and programming to support new undergraduate  international students' transition to academic and co-curricular life at the University of Wisconsin -Whitewater. Support provided by the Global Ambassador Leadership Team is designed to foster the academic success of international students, improve international students' satisfaction with their first-year experence, and provide opportunities for international and U.S. students to live with and learn from one another. The work of the Global Ambassadors is critical for building a campus climate that prepares all students to become leaders in a global society. 
      Skill Building:

      Global Ambassadors are required to attend an 8 hour training in May, an 8 hour training in August, and bi-weekly meetings to:

      1. Explore the concept of individual and group identity.
      2. Reflect on their own first-year UWWexperience and consider how it might compare and contrast with the first-year experience of a new international student.
      3. Reflect on how the Global Ambassador Team can impact international students' first-year experience at UWW.
      4. Work in small groups to develop strategies to assist incoming international students.
      5. Understand how to model intercultural skills that contribute to a welcoming campus climate.
      6. Understand how an inclusive mindset can encourage students to reach beyond the borders of race, ethnicity, and nationality.
      7. Understand the arrival and orientation process for international students.
      8. Understand support networks on campus designed to ensure academic and personal successs that are available to international students.
      9. Develop programming skills.

      Job Responsibilities:

      Global Ambassadors are responsible for:

      1. Corresponding virtually with 6 - 10 incoming international undergraduate students during the summer, responding to questions and providing tips as appropriate, and forwarding questions to appropriate UWW offices when necessary.
      2. Leading their cohort through International Student Orientation to assist with program logistics and respond to students' questions and needs.
      3. Participating in a Facebook site developed to provide Global Ambassadors with a safe space to compare and contrast on-going interactions with their mentees and explore solutions to challenges that arise while maintaining an appropriate respect for student anonymity;
      4. Participating in a FaceBook site developed to provide a welcoming place for all participants to share information about upcoming events, pictures, and reflections.
      5. Creating a semester activity plan for their mentees;
      6. Remaining in weekly contact with their mentees to assist the international students with transition to U.S.culture, the U.S. educational system, and integration into campus and community life. Arranging a "Global Connection Event" at least once a month.  A connection event could be anything from fixing a meal together, going bowling or to a movie, attending a sports event together, or studying together and may be sponsored in cooperation with other Global Ambassador(s).
      7. Managing a small budget ($100/semester) to cover educational expenses as appropriate.
      8. Organizing a community service project for their cohort during fall semester, or a interculturally-focused event during International Education Week in spring semester.
      9. Preparing a 3-5 page final reflection report at the end of service.
      10. Participating in pre- and post-service evaluations and activities designed to assess development of diversity-focus learning outcomes on the part of both Global Ambassadors and International Student Mentees.

      Service  Benefits:

      • Global Ambassadors receive a $1,000 stipend at the conclusion of each semester of service.
      • The opportunity to see glimpses of the world through the eyes of a friend from another culture and to build intercultural understanding and competencies.
      • At the conclusion of the year-long program, Ambassadors receive a letter of recommendation and a certificate of participation signed by the Provost and Chancellor at a Project Completion Ceremony hosted by the Center for Global Education.
      • Annually, the CGE will host a resume writing workshop for those Global Ambassadors interested in incorporating their experience as an Ambassador into their resume and job application cover letters.


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