About UW-W

About UW-W

About UW-Whitewater

UW-W CampusOver 140 student organizations are available for UW-Whitewater students, including International Student Association (ISA), African Student Association (ASA), Chinese Student Association (CSA), and the Southeast Asian Organization (SAO). For a complete list of student organizations, go to the Warhawk Connection Center website. The ISA sponsors several cultural and social programs on campus, including an International Dinner. Special orientation programs for international students are held before the beginning of each semester.

Extensive opportunities are available to participate in intramural sports, club sports (including soccer), and varsity athletics. Students may choose to become involved in student government, the campus radio station, cable TV, the campus newspaper or the speaker's bureau.

University Calendar

UW-Whitewater operates on the semester plan. The fall semester begins in early September and runs to mid-December. A 3-week winterim between fall and spring semesters offers select courses for students. The spring semester begins in mid-January and ends in mid-May.


The University has a distinguished faculty. Of the 367 faculty members, 311 hold a doctorate degree and many others have an equivalent terminal degree in their field. The administrative and academic support staff includes approximately 132 individuals. Twenty countries are represented by the faculty.

Financial Aid (Scholarships)

The University has a limited number of scholarships for undergraduate students. These are awarded on the basis of financial need and academic ability. Scholarships are $2,000, $4,000, or$6,000 per year for a maximum of 8 semesters depending on academic record. This award is based upon superior academic ability. Students may apply for this award after gaining admission to the University. Graduate assistantships and on campus jobs are also available.

University Health and Counseling Center

The Stephen H. Ambrose Health Center serves the health needs of students. Examining rooms, a minor surgery and cast room, a laboratory, and treatment area are part of the Ambrose facility.

The counseling Center is staffed by professional psychologists and counselors who work with individuals and groups of students having problems with educational and vocational decision-making, personal and social adjustment, and emotional conflicts. University Health and Counseling Center

The Center for Global Education (CGE)

The CGE has a full-time international student, two Global Experiences Coordinators and an International Scholar and Student Coordinator. The office provides individual and group advising services, assists with personal and academic adjustments as well as housing, meals and immigration concerns.


Fifteen residence halls are available on campus, housing approximately 4,500 students. Off campus housing is available but very limited. Temporary guest housing is also available on campus.

On-Campus Housing
Off-Campus Housing
Guest Housing

Academic Support Services

Academic Support Services provide free tutorial and learning services for students needing assistance of a general nature or in specific courses. It assists students in the areas of mathematics, note taking, college level reading assignments, study skills, word processing, and all stages of the writing process. Academic Support Center Windows and Macintosh computer labs are also available in multiple locations on campus. Computer Labs

English Courses

Several courses in English for International Students are offered on campus for students who need additional assistance in the English language.

School Expenses

The school expenses (tuition, room & board, and personal expenses) for a calendar year are estimated at $31,526 for graduate students and $27,506 for undergraduate students. These costs are likely to increase at a rate of 5% per year. Cost of Attendance

Degree Requirements

Candidates for the bachelor's degree must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 120 semester hours. The master's degree programs require a minimum of 30-36 semester hours.

A typical student takes about four years to complete a bachelor's degree, and two years to complete a master's degree.


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